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Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra money in your pocket to spend any way you’d like? Times are not that great anymore and to have that extra cash would be a comfort. There is a company in Raleigh, North Carolina that can help you. They are a very reputable company and have been in business for ages. What they do is buy cars that are just sitting around or you can’t sell because there is just too much damage to it. Why not get rid of it and have some extra money on the side?

This company will purchase any car that you are not using for whatever the reason, even if it doesn’t start. They also take most all makes and models of cars so don’t let that stop you from calling them. All you would need to do is call them to come and look at your car. They will come to your home to give you an estimate and if you are comfortable with it, they will take the car off your hands. You just need to tell them what sort of tow truck they need to bring.

If you are too busy to wait for them, let them meet you at your office and do the business there. They are willing to go to the car to see the amount of money they are willing to pay you then go to wherever you are to give you the cash for it. They will do the rest and take your car off your hands so you won’t need to sell or junk the car. With just one phone call the car will be rid of and you can have extra cash to go on a vacation that you didn’t go on this year as money was a bit tight.

Imagine having one less stressful thing to worry about and that is selling your junk car and not only that but now you will have an extra space for you to park your car instead of seeing that eye sore parked in your driveway all the time. This company is going to pay cash for junk cars so why not call them and get rid of your car and do something that you’ve always wanted to do once you have that extra money.

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